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Hearing advantage

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Hear the music, hear the difference

Jinzhou Hearing Music Culture Media Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2017, referred to as "Hearing Music" and has a registered trademark. It is a multi-category media company focusing on "Internet content marketing + content copyright operation", and has always been adhering to helping all those who are buried The high-quality creators have gained exposure and a sense of mission to achieve higher values. Their core businesses are music, short video, self-media, advertising and marketing, live broadcast and other fields, providing brokerage + interconnection services for global creators.

Advertising area

There are hundreds of accounts for in-depth cooperation in the field of advertising and marketing. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of fans of the marketing account has reached more than 50 million in October 2019. The account is positioned in the entertainment industry and has long-term service for music companies, film and television companies, brokerage companies and media. Companies, etc., are also the main source of output for hearing the exposure of music artists.

From the media field

We have a strong We-Media operation and editing team and independently operate hundreds of We-Media accounts to realize the advantages of intelligent distribution and intelligent office. We-Media are respectively deployed on domestic and overseas platforms in the domestic and overseas platforms for the company’s content industry. To achieve independent news development, more than thousands of press releases and video releases have been issued for artists every year.

Short video field
Music field

The music field has successively launched many Internet music such as Banyang "My General", Xiaozhou "There are Dreams", Han Peiquan "Red Envelopes", etc., and has an exclusive music production team and a complete internal publicity and operation team to organize self The production of music copyrights and copyright agency operations, and the joint hearing of the advertising field are more unlimited possibilities for music.

The short video field has occupied the top 15 in the MCN institutional influence list of "Kaishou Short Video" and "National Small Video" for three consecutive months. The short video field is realized with many platforms such as Kuaishou, Douyin, Tencent Weishi, and National Small Video. In-depth cooperation has helped artists quickly gain exposure and cash. The matrix masters under its in-depth cooperation have more than 1,000 people, and the total number of fans has reached hundreds of millions.


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Hear the team

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